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PC-11: Overview of the upcoming API specification change Read More

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The American Petroleum Institute’s (API) heavy-duty diesel engine oil category (commonly referred to as "Proposed Category 11" or "PC-11") is designed to help reduce emissions and boost fuel economy. ExxonMobil wants you to be prepared for this industrywide change.

The development of a new oil category

PC-11 will establish two new diesel engine oil specifications – one with backward compatibility for older engine technology ("CK-4") and one for use with newer engine technology ("FA-4"). For FA-4, the aim is to improve fuel efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. CK-4 oils will be designed as direct replacements to current CJ-4 oils, offering enhancements in oxidation resistance, shear stability and aeration control.

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Mobil 1™ – proven performance for turbochargers Read More

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Turbochargers are no longer just reserved for sports cars. By 2021, turbocharged engines could represent 38 percent of all new vehicles sold in the U.S., according to IHS Automotive. That means your next car – whether it’s a sedan or a light-duty truck – might have a turbocharger under the hood.

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U.S. mechanics name Mobil 1™ best overall motor oil Read More

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Mechanics have spoken once again: Mobil 1 motor oil is the overall best brand of motor oil in the United States, according to the independently researched and funded multi-year study from Frost & Sullivan. Since 2013, Mobil 1 motor oil has received the most No. 1 rankings as overall best brand of motor oil in Frost & Sullivan surveys, proving that year after year, Mobil 1 is the No. 1 motor oil.

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